Contact Info & Mission Statement

Sole Foods, Inc

Sole Foods Bakery (Inc) has very simple beginnings. The culinary bug hit at an early age; it was through years of family tradition, popular culture, and classic techniques that inspired us to pursue a professional career in foodservice and hospitality. Formally educated at Iowa State University with a bachelors of Food Science, Steven also has relied on several years of restaurants experience at varying tiers. Throughout the years of following our passion led us to 2021, when Sole Foods was founded. Originally based in Omaha, Sole Foods currently operates out of the Launch Kitchen in La Vista, NE!

This location (7129 Harrison Street) serves as our production facility and pickup location. Along with pickup, we also offer delivery options such as: Prepaid Delivery, PayOnDelivery, Contactless Delivery, and Gift Drop-off.

It is one of our Core Ideals to offer our customers a wholesome experience from start to finish. We hope that our foods offer you up plates of happiness that leave you without-a-doubt satisfied! And as always, we thank you for considering us for your next eating experience! 🙂

Currently Operating

Wednesday & Thursday mornings from 8:30am-12:30pm

We have an assortment of cakes and pastries for sale at our popup location!

415 Main Street   Griswold, Iowa

Choose from craft mini cheesecakes to authentic kolaches at our retail location!!!


Pickup/Get in Touch

7129 Harrison Street
La Vista, Nebraska 68128
Call/Text Us: 5312155392