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Chicken Salad Sandwich, Autumn Salad, & Ham Paninis

We have three tasty lunch options today!!

First is our hot lunch option: A hot-pressed ham & cheese panini, made with Orsi’s Italian bread, Hormel ham, Swiss cheese, and caramelized onions. $7.50 per sandwich.

Next is our cold lunch option: A fresh made Chicken Salad sandwich made on Rotella’s Wheatberry bread. Built with sweet applewood bacon, mozzarella cheese, sliced almonds, minced chives. $8.50 per sandwich.

We will also have a autumn-dressed Pear salad, made with Mixed Greens, Poached Pears, Crumbled Cheese, Chopped Bacon, Candied pecans, and our sweet Berry Vinaigrette! $8.50 per salad.

We have 3 side options for your lunch: Chips, Fresh fruit, or a side salad ($1.00 upcharge) or $3.00 ala carte

Available today & tomorrow at 415 Main Street in Griswold to go!

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